Thursday, January 3, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice

Before the bell
The first challenge is men vs women. Selling hotdogs for charity.

The women most recognizable woman that they have....Omorosa. They have a Playboy Playmate but I don't know about you but Playboy Playmates tend to all look alike. And in my opinion, they do not become celebrities by being a Playboy Playmate, even though she's the playmate of the year. Does anyone still read Playboy?

The men have Lennox Lewis, Tito Ortiz, Steven Baldwin, the guy from Sopranos, Gene Simmons, and even the British guy I recognize from something. holy crap man. If the men can't win, they have no excuse.

After the bellThe men outsold the women by 3x. Not surprised with the results, but the women lost because of bad leadership (bad location and focusing on selling hotdogs not using celebrity appeal), and the men won because of good strategy (using celebrity contacts and marketting). I was also very impressed with Gene Simmons stepping up. He exudes great power and influence which is the formula for leadership. I was not impressed with Steven (Stephen?) Baldwin. The little bits that they showed us, he looked rather tentative, and unsure when trying to make a decision and trying to get his idea out. He's got "the look" down though. Actors...haha.

Who I would fire?Tiffany, playmate of the year, would never in a million years be appointed as the apprentice because she doesn't have leadership skills at this stage in life. Omorosa is 100% at fault for choosing the wrong location, and giving bad direction (not using celebrity appeal and focusing on salesmenship with people who are celebrities, not sales people). Staying with the tradition that the person who is responsible should be fired, I would fire Omarosa. Tiffany will be eliminated soon enough, unless somehow she blossoms into a leader in the next few weeks which is not likely.

Judges decisionTrump said he fired Tiffany Fallon because she should have called Hugh Heffner for a donation. But Trump has a sweet tooth for beautiful women, and he was trying to find other to place blame indirectly on Tiffany so he's not firing her based on her weakness. In other words, he was trying to find a reason to fire her in a sincere way, and when he found one, she was fired. I think Omarosa will be fired eventually. Although she is a powerful woman, she doesn't know how to get people on board. Leadership is not power over others. Its power to influence (in this case people in her team), which Omarosa will have less and less of the longer the competition goes on. For now, her stay on the show makes the episodes interesting. The more people want to see her gone, the longer the viewers will watch and hope that this is the episode where she is fired.

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