Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice ep3

Before the decision.
Gene Simmons lost the task for them. They were given a task, and they did something else. Its not any more complicated than that. If a client tells you, "this is what we need", and the person doing the task says, "No, that is not what you need. This is what you need, and that's what I did." That would be fine if he was an executive officer of Kodak, but he isn't. I think his work was good, and had good vision, but he couldn't win a task because his vision was bigger than the demands of the customer. I think someone like Gene would do well as a CEO, but would do miserably as a manager.

After the decsion
I believe Donald Trump saw the potential in Gene and didn't want to fire him even though he knew he was the reason why they lost the task, and pretty much told him choose someone that he had a reason to fire to bring to the board room. But Gene did something unexpected and brought back 2 people that Donald couldn't fire and threw himself under the bus.

As it has been said before, leader ship is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. And him coming back to the boardroom with Omarosa on his arm really shows his ability to get everyone on board, and Donald was very impressed. If the show was Celebrity CEO not the Celebrity Apprentice, then Gene would win it hands down compared to any other contestant on this show. The tasks were too low level for Gene and he couldn't grasp that or didn't want to grasp it. I would have definitely liked to see more of Gene. He undoubtably will have reality TV show people knocking on his door after this. He's far more interesting than Ozzy Osborne.

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