Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pride vs. UFC

This is a argument that's bean beat to death, like PC vs Mac. But here's what I think:

I'm tired of Pride fanboys.

First, Pride is gone, and is effectively a part of UFC. They complain about how UFC sucks, UFC fighters suck, Dana White sucks, how a Pride figher is going to destroy a UFC fighter (more than half the time the Pride fighter loses), then they still go on complaining about how UFC still sucks and professes their love for Pride that no longer exists. When they complain, they sound like a bunch of winey little bitches. Move on. Grow up. Its dead. Its over.

Pride had more brawlers than well rounded fighters. Which definitely makes for exciting fights. And selling excitement is good business. But a well rounded MMA fighter can defend against brawlers. Brawlers will always look more tough. And fights between 2 brawlers always looks action packed. That’s why people think that Pride guys will always dominate, but this isn’t the case at all as you look at what’s happening since the merger.

Stop the hate on a fighter just because they belong to one organization. During the fight, none of that shit matters.

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