Saturday, January 26, 2008

Federer says he has created monsters

Its true. He's brought the level of the game up so high where the youngsters are aiming to be faster and stronger than anything that has been witnessed on the tennis courts. It is a spectacle when you watch the new players like Djokovic and Tsonga play. They move from edge to edge from the court where it still doesn't make sense how it is possible while watching it on slow replay. It was obvious that Federer wasn't playing at his top level, but if he was, I think it would have much closer game with no clear victor until the match is over.

Did the illness with the bad chicken have anything to do with his results of the Australian Open? The first game Federer played, he looked like he had lost a lot of weight from the illness. When you're a top athelete, and can't eat for a few days, all you are losing/burning is muscle. And also he hadn't got the chance to play a week's worth of tennis before the Open which is part of Federer's routine. At this level of tennis small stuff matters, and there's no question in my mind it had at the very least some affect.

No grand slam this year for Federer, but I'm hopeful he'll come back stronger and better having figured out how to play better against these fast moving hard hitting newcomers.

The women's final outcome was as expected. Sharapova is playing at an unbelievable level. It was a beautiful match in more ways than one. Lets hope Sharapova keeps this level up.

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