Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If I was presdient of the world

I would get rid of daylight savings time, and time zones.

I mean c'mon. Its all bullshit. How much effort goes into resetting our watches, cars, microwaves, making people aware, rewriting software, making exceptions in software, and all this nonsense for what? Why can't we say?

I wake up at 3 PM (GMT/UTC which means 7AM Pacific Time)
Get to work at 4:30 PM.
Have lunch at 8:00 PM, which is lunch time for Everyone.
And at 1 AM, I fight the traffic to get home.
Have dinner at 3AM, and its lights out at 8AM.

If we can make adjustments twice a year, we can make a one time adjustment like this. And to "observe daylight savings" people would just start their day one hour early. Instead of coming into work at 4:30 PM, you go to work 3:30 PM (GMT) during the spring and summer. Is that so hard? Do they really think that we're all that stupid and the world will come crashing down if it got changed?

If you think about it, why should we begin our day around 7AM or 8AM? The average hour people wake up should be the 0 hour. We should start at 0, instead of 8. So we're already offsetting our clocks on a daily basis. 4PM being morning for us is no different.

By doing this, you gain massive amounts of benefits. When you call someone in the US at 10AM, its 10AM in england, Taiwan, Hawaii, New York. You don't have to say, call me at 10AM, and clarify if you mean your time, or the other person's time, and then find out what time zone their in.

Supposedly, we spent money in the hundreds of millions to fix y2k like problems when someone decided last year that they'd save us some money by adjusting daylight savings so it beins one week earlier and one year later. Good one.

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