Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A first in Tennis

2 hottest chicks in Tennis will compete for a masters title at the Australian Open. After the 8th game, I was hoping that Ivankovic just registered on the board so she doesn't have as devastating of a loss as she was heading towards. But who knew she was gonna turn around at win the match? Now that is a comeback. Its like if you were down 21 and 0 in the 4th quarter in a football game, and then you scored 21 points in the 4th to tie it up, and then won the game at overtime. Still, with what I saw of Ivankovic's game, she barely won, playing well eventually. Against Sharapova who is leaving less than no room for error, Ivankovic looks like she will be facing the same fate that Sharapova has been dishing out since the beginning of the Australian Open.

I'm not a fan of Djokovic, but wow, he looks phenomenal this year, much more than he did at the US Open a few months ago. He's moving so much faster, and he's hitting so much harder. If I had to imagine the game, I think Federer would have a hard time keeping up with Djokovic's youthful pace. Djokovic has already beaten Federer, Nadal, and Roddick in a single event back to back. But Federer seems to do well in the masters, and last time Federer played Djokovic, Federer was the better player. I wouldn't be surprised if Djokovic won, but I'll be rooting for Federer.

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