Tuesday, January 15, 2008

celebrity apprentice ep 2

the men won based on lots of luck, pure raw talent and quality of their output. the decision to not see the executive from Pedigree was a big mistake. They could have sent just one person just for relations purposes to keep the customer happy. the Pedigree executive was not happy and could have easily tipped the decision in the other teams favor if the quality of the product was similar. I think the women suffered again because the women are less recognizable as celebrities than the men. I wonder if the women realize that. I think they do. But, with at least the people they have, they could do better using their celebrity recognition to brand/sell their product.

other observations
i didn't like donald's right hand man. i just kept thinking "what a douche" every time he spoke.
donald's daughter was having a makeup malfunction. and she took it too personally when she was told "she'll wait". Hasn't she figured out some people are just jerks for the sake of being jerks? Move on, you don't need to wait for an apology.

Tito commented that he runs a multi-billion dollar company.... I know he doesn't run UFC. And I don't think he runs a MMA camp and in general MMA camps are not multi billion dollar companies or even multimillion dollar companies. So I think he must be running Jenna Jameson's company. Which is interesting. Should Tito be running a multi-billion dollar company?
I liked both commercials, and I liked the concept of the women's commercial better. But the men's commercial really tugged at your heart-strings. Nadia was fired, and rightly so. If she wasn't fired for that task, she would have been fired eventually. I'm still hoping Omarosa gets the ax in spectacular fashion the next episode.

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