Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sharapova vs Henin @ Australian Open 2008 (Spoiler Alert)

Wow, Sharapova just dominated Number 1 seed Henin 6-4 6-0. I've never been so impressed by such a hot chick.

Sharapova has a good cheering/screaming name. SHAR-RA-PO-VA!!! A name for screaming to vow your revenge after such a brutal loss.

Sharapova has mastered the art of how to look endearing. Although she is a number one athelete, she still looks very feminine and her skin looks like it would feel very soft to the touch. Her celebratory gesture after winning a tough rally is subtle and mouse-like which is kinda cute. Its understandable why she is this way. If you're a 6'2" woman, you would have to pull out all stops so you don't look like you can beat a man with hammer-fists to the top of a man's head. Which is not appealing to any man. She's telling her audience, "I may be 6'2" and a professional athelete, but I'm still all woman."
Henin by far is no pushover. Henin has not lost the last 32 matches she had played beating pretty much all the who's-who-of-tennis in the process. To get dominated like that tells me if Sharapova can keep with this momentum, we are in for the ERA OF SHARAPOVA.

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