Saturday, January 5, 2008


Warner Bros announced it will no longer support the HD-DVD. Their statement in short said, when HD-DVD is gone, and blu ray is the way to go, then people are going to adopt the new format because right now, people are holding out. Sucks for HD-DVD, but since Warner Bros. produces 20% of all movies, it is a bold and brilliant move, and it will no doubt help them sell more movies, and help everyone else (except HD-DVD).

Its not like the current HD-DVD only studios said they'll no longer do blu ray or said they will not be doing blu-ray. But now I'm told that a huge percentage of all movies will never see the light of day on HD-DVD. There's a big difference with that. And if Warner Bros took the other option and said it will no longer be producing blu ray discs, that would be a dumb move because Sony is going to continue to sell millions of PS3s, and any studio doing that is losing out for no reason.
I don't know about you, but that's enough of a reason not to give HD-DVD another thought. The only advantage of HD-DVD was the hardware price. Other than that, blu ray has cooler name (yes marketting matters), and you can't get over the fact that its better technology. The dics hold up to 40% more content if needed. And it comes with the PS3. I expect more studios to jump ship, and the HD-DVD only studios will be making the conversion soon. This means HD-DVD will probably be dead sometime this year, and the hd-dvd players will be sold off at increasingly low prices, but I wouldn't expect the HD-DVD discs to be sold at much of a bargain.

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