Friday, January 25, 2008

celebrity apprentice ep4

Task: Sell broadway tickets within a 2-hour window and raise the most amount of money for charity.

Result: Men won. Again.

Marilu pointed out that they have been outmatched with star power since the beginning. Which is true. And also pointed out that they are outmatched when it comes to the list of contacts (friends and fans with deep pockets). That may be true, but the fact that they lost could have been prevented when the spanish star could have asked her friends to be back by this time, or it doesn't count. had they known that, they would have tried just a little harder to get there 2 minutes sooner. They might have made 2 thousand dollars more if they put david hyde pierce on top of the booth with a megaphone, which is something that should have been apparent to the leader Marilu.

The weakest link is Jenny. She has no concept of leadership. When some people came with few thousand dollars on hand and they asked how many tickets they can have, she told them "think of the amount you want and come back to me." I saw that and my jaw dropped. She could have cost them the sell. And definitely failed to guide those people when they were looking for her guidence which is just another form of leadership. It also seems like she's just hiding in the booth during these events. She just doesn't want to do these tasks. She's not comfortable.

And yep, Donald fired her ass. Very quickly and without much discussion. I was surprised how quickly it came, but he made the right decision.

What is being proven on this season of the apprentice is that even though you are a very competitive person it has nothing to do with leadership or business. I'm not sure who made the assumption that they may be, but that is pretty clear they are not.

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