Monday, January 7, 2008

Childhood Memories

They must have aired this about a million times when I was growing up. Its catchy.

Its one of my first memories of television when I came to the US. I think I learned this song before I learned English. But, I couldn't understand what they were saying when they said "joost say no". Not understanding the context, and listening to how the guy was pronouncing it, its understandable. If you hear the song, we're expecting to hear "just say no" because that's what our brains are expecting, but he's actually saying to say no. to + just = joost.

"getting into drugs and being high is [a] stupid thing to do
be an original, and take a stand "and do it free?" to say no
don't let a friend put you in to taking drugs
you got a righ-ia-ia-ight, to say no"

the long version

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