Monday, June 24, 2002

went to go work at my consulting gig friday evening. worked there for 4 hours, and got home. it wasn't too bad. i'll have to redo 2-3 more machines. maybe i can work on more than one machine at a time. less money, but it means i'll be done with them and i'll have less to worry about.

tommy came over this weekend. went to that cowboy breakfast at ruth's chris steak house. it was really good. the could have had a better cut of meat though. it was prepared nicely, and the service was awesome. came home and worked out, then biked. then all 3 of us went to tofu house for dinner, and saw minority report. i really enjoyed the movie. i think i'll get the dvd. very well written story. then today, i worked out in the morning, went to jv's, and then passed out for about an hour because of food coma. tommy went home. then i suddently felt like cleaning. actually, i've been wanting to really spiff the place up. make it spotless. so i went to walmart to get cleaning supplies. so i got a duster, dustpan+brush, broom...and then i decided to wander, and i ended up getting a 42 piece dish+cup Corelle set by Corning. it's the exact dish set that raymond had. then i got 9 gym towels. reason for the ridiculous amount of gym towel is that when i go to the gym, i sometimes drop my towel on the floor....or wipe the machines...then i end up wiping my face. and i go to the gym 7-9 times a week, and do laundry every 2 weeks, having 2 gym towels just is a bad idea. now i have a total of 11 gym towels. i hope that will be plenty.

i enjoy web surfing late at night. but i dread it during the day. maybe its because i feel so busy during the day. i wonder how wendy's doing. i haven't seen her online since tuesday i think. maybe i should give her a call.

it's already 4am. another week of work awaits...

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