Wednesday, June 5, 2002

new apartmentmate's name is Wei. and yes! he's gonna take the apartment. i think he's a really cool guy. we chit chatted for an hour and a half without noticing when he came to look at the apartment. the scary thing is, i put the ad out on 2 issues of guardian, and 0 calls returned. can you believe that? well, thank god i found a roommate. i'm safe for at least one year.

[an hour later]

i got kerberos interop working with our win2k servers! finally! it was a project that started around feb. i was in a little bit over my head when erik first wanted me to do it. and finally it works! wow, this is turing out to be the most destressing weeks ever.

actually one person called about the apartment....just now. sounded like a really quiet weirdo type that watches anime all day....wouldn't want to be roommate with that weirdo. going home for the day.

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