Thursday, June 6, 2002

today was a pretty interesting day. i got kerberos interoperability with our win2k servers working. had a nice dinner with wendy. went home to work out. and while i'm working out, we have a black out. About half of UTC was without power for a good 2-3 hours. so i worked out with candle light, while raymond watched run lola run on his laptop. i finished my work out, and ate some delicious salad that raymond whipped up, and the the battery goes on his laptop half way through the movie. so we're just chillin, and we decide to drive around la jolla to see how big the outage is. then we realized it was a bad idea since the street lights were turned off...we ended up running through half of them. so we go back home, and i call nguyen and tell him i'm coming over. and then the lights turn back on....and one of my computer has a really obvious burnt smell...but everything still works. then roadrunner goes out for 2 more hours...and i'm back to twittling my thumbs. and now the internet is back....and typing away.

i went to vons today, and found out something interesting. most juices that are concentrate seem to now have 100-130% of vitamin c in them, and tend to be acidic. the only pure martinellis pure apple juice seem to be the real deal with about 2% of vitamin C. but the gallon of that costs $8. good thing it was on vons club. i tried mixing creatine in there, and there was a big difference on how it dissolved in the apple juice. basically, in the new apple juice i got, it didn't disolve at all the cran grape that i used to mix it with used to have a chemical reaction to creatine. so i guess i'll be taking creatine with martinellis apple juice. pretty tired....dozing offf...gotta take a shower....

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