Monday, June 10, 2002

had a relaxing weekend in torrance. ate at el pollo inka, a japanese restaurant called TAKEFUKU (prounounced tokeyfooku), and a place called Curry House. All were very pleasant, not too unhealthy meals. not too expensive either. i went up there to help my parents paint, but my dad calls me saying i shouldn't come today (i'm guessing he didn't want to paint today himself cause he wanted to watch the basketball game), so i just hung out with tommy all weekend. watched the game, went to the mall at palos verdes. they had some kind of a block party there. that mall is smaller than it looks. things are too wide spread. a poor attempt to be like horton plaza. but it's the best they got around torrance/palos verdes.

had boba for 3 days straight......i am doing cardio every day...and work out 4-5 times a week....can't be too bad. i need to maybe cut down to once a week? well, i'll try. i only get it when friends are around.

i'm switching between bike and running.....biking a few days straight will cramp up my calves, so i think if i run every other day instead of bike, i can bike without having to worry about my legs cramping up.

finally starting the consulting gig. i hope it works well, and fits into my schedule smoothly. it's good money. maybe i can make a web page for them.

weekends pass by too fast. why can't i just with the lottery and be done with problems of not having all the money i want?

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