Tuesday, June 18, 2002

was gonna go to work at 9 this morning. then my consulting place calls me and says they are having email problems. so i went there for my lunch break. worked there for about an hour 15 minutes. then i got a parking ticket. the receptionist saw it and got the boss man to get it taken care of for me. whew. that would have made my trip out there for almost nothing. i'll know to overfill the meter next time. came home. worked out. then ran. showered. went to the market. bought apple juice non acidic apple juice to take my creatine with. a regular and fat free salad dressing (i'll just use a little bit of the regular and splurge on the fat free stuff). bought some rembrant tooth paste. it says it'll make my teeth whiter by 5 shades, whatever that means. casey was supposed to be home about an hour ago. maybe they decided to watch a movie? maybe wendy will stop by and visit tomorrow before heading back. if she visits during lunch time, maybe we can hit up the cottage.

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