Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is art?

Art is something that moves you. Changes your mental state. If you have your mind on something, it takes your mind away from where it is currently, and puts you in a different state of mind.

Art is a representation of a novel idea. Something no one has ever done before. A different way of thinking. A thought that inspires a whole new branch of thought for the artist, and the people viewing the piece of artwork.

Art is an expression of yourself that you add to your life to make yourself more complete. Art is something you share to show someone the joy of discovering something new the way you've discovered the love for it.

Art is the experience of discovering a story from its parts. A story you'll never know for sure if someone else knows it exactly the way you know it. Something you want to share but you would rather not after you found something sacred.

Art is the name of the guy with no legs and no arms, hanging on your wall.

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