Thursday, May 15, 2008

mstsc /console no longer works with xp sp3

microsoft changed this without warning it seems. this begs the question..."are they insane? why?" words like haphazard, reckless, "on a whim" come to mind. words i'm sure they want people to associate with their server software. what's next? maybe the term "organizational unit" will be changed to "organizational container", and all the distinguished names will have OC= instead of OU= without a warning. Just for kicks and giggles.

luckily, instead of "/console", its "/admin" for example:
mstsc / /admin

on a side note, why /v, other than the fact that v is the 5th letter on the tail end of the alphabet. if you're going to change /console to /admin, why not change /v to /ip, or /server, /computer, /machine, /name? any one of these would be more fitting.


  1. Sure they are insane! Nobody else would have done something like that. :@

    Thanks a lot for this hint ...

  2. 1st principle of engineering:
    Only touch something for a great performance improvement

    (aka: if it's working don't touch it)

  3. Thanks friend...your really save my life and my job....