Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Criticisms of an evolving language.

What does "ttt" stand for? I've been seeing this a lot lately. It apparently stands for "to the top" to bump a post to the top. What a bunch of retarded people on the web we have these days.

Another acronym that I've been seeing is FTW. It means "for the win". I still don't know exactly what context it could really be used for other than it being used slightly out of context in almost any situation where its used. Did it evolve from WOW? Sounds like something people that play WOW might say.

I also hate people who use the analogy "the pot calling the kettle black." I actually had to look up what the hell that means a while back. Get a friggin' clue people. We haven't been putting pots in the fireplace to cook our meal for a long long time. Without doing that on a regular basis, people have no idea what that means. An analogy is used to clarify your point and is only good if people know what the hell you're talking about.

A fairly new cool saying I've learned on the other hand is "Jumped the shark". Its a Happy Days reference where Fonzie jumps a shark that has been caught in a net on water skiis. It sounds ridiculous. And watching the youtube clip, it is ridiculous. Its a clever way to say "it has passed it's prime" and "an act of desperation by lowering our standards" at the same time. In the English language we do not have such a word. Maybe in other languages, "Jumped the shark" can be perfectly translated into one word.

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