Friday, May 30, 2008

history through pictures and words

Phanfare has brought public browsing back. It was in everyone's best interest. I got a mass email from the CEO of Phanfare stating pretty much everything I experienced. I felt that I was betrayed after being more than a loyal customer and always telling people that they should join because its the best site. The lack of public browsing wasn't going to work for how I wanted to use it, and I would have never referred people to sign up if that was ever the case. I also felt that they were holding my photos hostage. I had to either pay for a site I no longer had use for so that they don't delete my photos, or not pay and lose my photos. I chose the latter since I always felt that pictures of old events really never did anything for me.

I'm not sure if everyone is this way, but I always thought I had an extraodinary visual memory of past events. I don't need pictures for me to remember the event. I can remember a scene, and the more I focus, I can remember the little details sometimes in astonishing detail. All the events I care to remember are are always with me. Some things I've forgotten because its something I would rather try not to remember. And some are beautiful memories that are although a little painful, they are shaping me into a person I am today and would like to become. These memories offer more detail better than any picture I've ever taken so far. So really, I've never taken any picture where it was a picture that I was taking so I can remember the event. Because it's all up here in my head in detail. I wouldn't say I have a photographic memory. I don't have photographic stills in my head. But I do remember events better than any set of photographs (even if I had them) could ever do for me, and I don't need photographs to jog it. Or maybe this is what photographic memory is. Everyone has the ability to remember events in extraordinary detail. Its just that people that think they are good at it are open to the suggestion that they can remember so they try harder, thus getting more practice doing it.

Anyway back to phanfare. I'm still a little sour about the whole ordeal, but the end result was that I got my account back, and all the pics were intact.

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