Friday, May 30, 2008

A way to keep a journal of private entries, and keep doing it

If people are taking pictures to remember events, I highly recommend starting a blog. They are better for memory than pictures. The upside of writing to a blog is that you write to share to yourself and anyone that cares to read (yes I like reading my posts, don't ask me why). The downside is that you can't write anything too personal because it is open to the public. Blogs are better than journals because I would never spend the time to write anything that no one would read. Even if I can choose to make an entry public and others private, I would never write the private entries. The blog is more than a journal of your thoughts. Its 1 part journal. Other part a way to share your opinion to friends and family. And sometimes you write stuff to share information that you've found to anyone who can find the post through google.

So this is the solution to my private thoughts. I want to record them and reflect on them. I have a public blog that I share with people. This will be for the private thoughts that I couldn't care less if strangers read them. I just don't want anyone I know reading them and knowing that its me writing it. I just want to know someone may be reading it. So its not completely useless.

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