Thursday, July 24, 2003

too much fluff or just desensitized?

since I've been watching tv and movies to death, every movie I see now looks like just like any other movie. i lose interest.....or more like don't have any any to begin with. like I was watching Raging Bull of the best dramas out there, and i couldn't seem to get into the movie. with that said, i went over my near 200 DVD collection and realized i had a lot of stuff there that i probably don't feel like ever watching again, and some i would have just done fine with a divx. so i picked out a little over 1/4th of my dvd's and i'll be looking to sell them on or something. still means i have about 150 movies worth keeping just for the replay value.

also, the klink family (ones who host blogout) must have went on a family vacation because their doesn't even have a DNS record any more. i'll give them a few more days before doing something about it. its not like anyone uses those comments anyway.

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