Monday, July 28, 2003

herniated disc 1, michael 0

well, if i haven't stated it before, i finally admit is the only way to go. the disc herniation was severe, and if i had gotten a new bed earlier, maybe.....could have been a good chance possibly....that i would have recovered from this....if i changed that and small things here and there. but i was in that bed......just giving that disc no place to go and no room to heal. and i did it long enough to where the disc is healed mostly but it's bulging so it is still stimulating the nerves significantly. and the operation will basically remove the part of the disc that is bulging. live and learn. I'll be finding out this friday on the 5 w's and how about the surgery. damn, it's almost august...where did 2003 go?

totally off topic....I don't know exactly what inspired me but I woke up today and I wanted to accomplish some things while I was still stuck in bed all day. and 2 things i want to get really good at is counting cards in black jack and detecting pitch in music instruments. my ultimate goal is being able to break out an riff on whatever i felt like playing. it is a 3 step process....knowing what note to play, knowing every scales on every fret, then actually playing by ear. i downloaded software to help me with ear training the pitch...called Pitch ID. I also found a card counting and proper play drill program for blackjack called Blackjack Counter. These 2 are very nice and simple programs. these 2 goals should keep me busy for a while. i only wish i had started sooner.

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