Sunday, July 13, 2003

iron chef and a matress

i have been watching a lot of iron chef. mostly downloaded from

i've always wondered how the 3 main iron chefs are there so frequently. then i just recently found out that they only film a few during one year, and the ones we've been seeing are a couple of years old at least. what appeals to me is that the show offers artists to show off their technique and creative abilities competitively. what better way to do this than food. even thpugh i haven't learned any techniques from that show (compared to Good Eats), it definitely stimulates my imagination. It looks like the run in Japan is pretty much over, but they just started Iron Chef here in Las Vegas, and hopefully they can keep the show interesting.

i finally got a new bed. i've been thinking about getting a tempur pedic for years. but the price was just too much. but here was my reasoning. i realized that its a necessity now than a luxury. and my decision was based on a lot of good reasons. when i got the 3rd epidural injection, they had a live xray-ish machine, and i had a good look this time what was going on inside. basically, where the disc is herniated, it's herniated to the right, and the left side of my spine at the location has just collapsed due to its empty space. so in that small pocket of empty space, the spine bone is actually touching each other. and the thing is, for this this to heal, i need to give that space some breathing room. my old bed is so old that whenever i lay down, i'm just clamping that area shut, giving it no chance to move back on its own. so actually, if i had just gotten this bed a few years ago, there probably would have been a good chance that i wouldn't be here now. but, better late than never. i ordered one. they had a promotion for a pillow. and if i waive a 90 day free trial, the shipping and setup is free.

plus, there are many good reasons why you should invest in a good bed. for one, you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping on it. if you have worn out springs, you are not keeping your spine healthy, it will catch up with you. if you cannot sleep comfortably, it will affect you in a million ways when you are awake. you will physically and mentally not be operating at 100%. the less you sleep, the less time you give your body to heal itself. your immune system supposedly has a lot to do with REM sleep. so does your sanity.

another thing that applies specifically to me right now is that i spend nearly 24 hours in bed every day. and considering that i'm injured, in pain, and uncomfortable, its just not acceptable. plus, i'm convinced my current bed is the reason why i'm not getting any better. but you can't really blame the bed because my bed was designed for me to lie on for months at a time, only about 8 hours a day.

there are a few things you can be cheap about (food, clothes, material posessions), but your bed shouldn't be one of them. so this was clear as day to me when i woke up for the ~130th day with a messed up spine on a messed up bed.

i have a feeling this bed is going to offer a leap forward in my recovery. it should be here in about 1-3 weeks.

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