Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dear Blogger, fix your bugs

Any fellow bloggers out there feel like blogger has some weird persistant session bugs?

For example, I got to my blog, and then I want to edit a post, if I look on the right hand corner, it lets me Sign in and Sign out.

When I click Sign in, it signs me in automatically. Not bad but not good either. Either keep me signed in, or keep me signed out. If I'm signed in, why not give me a link to the Dashboard?

I think the mistake is that blogger assumes people will be going to the dashboard at the first page they go to when they want to do something blog related. But what I do, and I'm sure other people do, is start by opening up their main blog. Check for quirky comments and such.

If I want to add a post I press sign in, and then it takes me to the dashboard. Its something I've gotten used to doing. But if I want to post to my side workout blog, I immediate head towards the top right corner, and then it gives me the option to sign out?? because i've signed in to my main blog? It just doesn't flow at all. How about a Dashboard link? Is that too much to ask?

This is nothing like the bugs 5 years ago when I would publish a post, then my post listings would get messed up. So I would have to repost or something like that. At least they got that figured out.

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