Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil, the world's biggest, and slowest search engine

I definitely wanted to check it out, but after 10 tries in 2 hours, i finally got the message saying they've taken the service down due to overwhelming demand. Is this thing running in someone's garage? It reminds me of the time when I was using my roadrunner connection as a web server when i lived in international gardens. And I had posted pictures of Jeff's Skyline GT-R Spec Nur. And he had given the links to Motorex. And Motorex posted the pictures on their website, and then people posted that link on some forums. And I was wondering why my internet connection was so slow.

Google has really wrapped itself around every user on the internet. Not sure how Cuil is going to compete. Its no longer about search engines any more. Google is my news aggregator, my email client, a calendar for some, I use their analytics, docs, its my blogger, and i use it as my primary source for advertisement for business.

Its not like Google has a problem finding stuff on the web. I would say a lot of people would be eager to try it out and give them a benefit of the doubt, but they'll soon realize that 90% of all their other activity will still need to be done on google.

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