Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Apprentice Season 1 Episode 9

Sell art from one artist.

Stressed "Studio price". Price includes hanging and lighting. Great point to stress to add value.

Teams chose artists based on price and what they thought people might like, without actually liking the art. I think it was a terrible mistake. Ever receive a gift from a person who didn't understand or like what they were giving you but thought you might like it? Whether you liked the gift or not, there is always that hollow meaning. It is no different in this case. There is a lack of soul in your pitch, and a lack of soul in the product. Here is a lesson for anyone having a hard time giving gifts. Always follow your heart when giving gifts. That way, when you present the gift, you can tell them why you got it, and that's a gesture that lasts longer than the life of the product. The recipient of the gift can always go buy something for him or herself, but a gesture from the heart is something they can never buy on their own.

What I would have done as project manager:
I would have strictly picked the artist based on what I would spend my money on. Then targetted a similar demographic.

Coming back to what I said on adding value, I would have gone further and said, "If you buy tonight, it'll include hanging, and people will come and light it for you." It'll add urgency and value. And its not a lie, just a spin on the truth.

Making excuses and standing by your decision or action is just a frame of mind. If someone asks you, "why did you choose to do that?" An excuse is when you say, "I wasn't thinking clearly at the time because there was too many things going on." Standing by your decision is when you say, "That's what we decided on because it made the most sense." They both are explanations to the identical event that has already occured and cannot be changed. The difference is that an excuse never does any good for anyone. Never make any excuses. Always stand by your decisions. When you are giving giving an excuse, you might as well hand them a paddle and bend over.

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