Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flash Animation: 10 years later

It seems as though flash animation has really evolved into nothing. There seems to be less and less of it. 10 years ago, it seemed like it was really breaking new grounds.

Remember: (zombie college, mr wong, poker night, starship regulars, queer duck) (booty call, officer krupt...yes all 2 episodes of it was great, site dead) (napster bad, never liked it) (bruce flea, site dead) (dunno, i never wanted to pay at the time) (happy tree friends, and redistribution of icebox content) (anyone can post content they create) (still going strong)

It seems as though the best content on these sites are still the content that was produced 10 years ago. Which sucks because they had shows that I really enjoyed. I think that the problem was that at the time, it was before the dot com bust, and people were putting up quality content without thinking of how to get any money back. This effectively spoiled the viewers into thinking that the content that was created should be free, and should remain free. So when people tried to charge money for it, there weren't enough takers. And of course, without money, you can't produce content. And 10 years ago was about 9 years too early on trying to get a main stream advertiser to be wanting to advertise on your flash animation website.

Will we ever see a revival of quality flash animated shows? Hard to say. I don't like Flash Animation to TV series. Flash animation on TV doesn't look animated enough, and it loses the ability to be interactive. And I'm really not digging the flash to youtube because of the loss of the quality plus the loss of interactiveness. If we have leared anything, I don't think an animated series can be successful based on subscription, but if a site like were to come back, they can make some serious money on advertising. Bring it back. I'm in some need of some creative content. I'm bored of people playing NES tunes on their pianos, and watching faceplant videos on

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