Saturday, March 1, 2008

Costco Sucks

Things you should never buy at CostCo:

Scotch Brite. Buy the big bag of 12 at CostCo, and buy the 3-Pak at the market. You'll see what I'm talking about. See how long they last. They are pulling a fast one on us.

Big box of Oreos. The best oreos and the freshest come in a package of 6. The package of 45 at the markets come close to being as good. But the big box at costco is terrible. The cookies are dense. Its good for transportation, so they don't break. But they suck for eating.

Last but not least, Campbell's Clam Chowder. Ever boil a pot of milk, and you get that protein scum on top? The real soup in the middle of the pot are canned and sent to the markets. The scum on top is what they can and send to CostCo. At least the CostCo in the poorer neighborhoods. It should be a felony.

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