Monday, March 3, 2008

The Apprentice Season 1 Episode 4

Run Planet Hollywood for a day.

Things People Did Right:

  • Omarosa finally softened up to her group.

  • Encouraged liquor sales.
Things People Did Wrong & What Could Have Been Done Instead:

  • Men: Nick appointed Kwame as the project manager. I would not appoint someone the project manager when you have not been the PM. Instead of giving direction, you look like you're passing off the leadership to someone else.

  • Women: Too Gung-Ho without stragegy. Women relied totally on enthusiasm and not much else.
What I would Have Done As Project Manager:

  • I would designate that day as the kick off to the 1st annual Planet Hollywood Red Carpet Event. The name suggests that some stars might be there. And I would to the best of my ability to try to get in touch with one of the celebrity owner to make a brief experience. Even if they cannot make it, you can always say that the red carpet is for the VIP guests that day, which is the customers for that day.

  • I would emphasize that drinks and appetizers are half off for the entire day. Normally, restaurants use happy hour to make the restaurants a happening place around dinner time, since no one likes to eat at a empty restaurant. But Planet Hollywood needs a lot of help. Their happy hour probably could last till 9PM on a daily basis. I would advertise that the happy hour is untill close, but the happy hour menu could be taken off the table when the restaurant becomes full, and the happy hour menu is available on request if the restaurant becomes full. I would also rely that majority of people would be ordering dinner around dinner time any way, so no need to have a designated end time.

  • I would set up an atmosphere where there is a lot of activity in the front. A live band, or make shift bar where you get drinks at 1/2 off prices. If the customers are not 100% sold on coming in, and they see live atmosphere, it will be an additional reason to come in. Everyone wants to join in on the fun. From my experience, for some reason, Planet Hollywood likes to fill up people from the back to front. Which makes the restaurant seem empty from the outside. People get in their heads that if no one is eating there, there's a good reason why. Bad food, expensive, rat droppings, or all of the above.

  • I would print up shirts for the store for that event. I would coach the waiters to first lead with the questions "So have you guys been at Planet Hollywood before?" If yes, tell them that the shirts they are wearing for the Planet Hollywood Red Carpet Event are only available for today. And any shirts they sell, they will get double commission for that shirt. On top of that, the waiter that sells the most shirts will get an additional $100.

  • As for marketting the event, I would put up a some signage, maybe a large banner, that something special is happening that day. And have a Red Carpet with posts coming out of that door.

  • Pay for radio ads during the rush hour traffic in the morning and on the way home. Get the name of the event across. Sell that there will be a party/celebration going on. Drinks & Appetizers are half off for the entire night, but only that night only.

  • Make sure that all the customers during the day are encouraged to come back for the party and the half off drinks and appetizers later that evening.
Take-away lessons:
Don't get desperate and go against your morals. Like pretending to be a celebrity and sign basketballs (Kwame). You might win the task, but the reputation (of deception or getting desperate under pressure) might carry with you and it might cost you the ultimate prize.

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