Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Apprentice Season 1 Episode 5

With a budget of $1000, buy merchandise and sell it at a flea market.

Heidi was voicing her opinion how much she hates the flea market, how much it sucks, and that no one is buying. She is effectively discouraging her team without offering any solutions. You should ask, "right now, no one is buying for some reason. What can we do differently so that something stands out, catches the customer's eye, so that people do buy?"

Vist the flea market to see what things are being already sold, and what type of customers frequent that flea market. The regular sellers wouldn't be there wasting their time if they did not know what they were doing.

What I would have done as PM:
I would have picked the flea market area where they let you sell food outside, and I would perfer to go with bbq'd meats. I would push hard for the sale of sodas. A $1 for a can of soda or water always seems like a pretty descent deal, but when you buy in bulk you can get it on the average 25 cents a can or bottle. You can also throw in the drink to add value to your $5 plate of food that cost you half the amount to prepare. I would rely on Coca-Cola's brilliant product to win the project for me.


  • Tammy said she expects to lose from the start. When you have goals, all the decisions you make including subconsicous decisions will lead you to that goal. When your goal is to fail, you are leading yourself to failure without even knowing it.

  • Whenever you are planning an event outside, check the weather, and adjust your plans if necessary.

  • When you lose the project as the PM, and everyone did well, admit defeat of the task and move away completely from it. The worst thing is feel guilty that its your fault as the PM of this task did. Then make a strong case why you are the stronger player.

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