Friday, December 2, 2005

Taipei, the real land of opportunity

just the sheer number of stores, and seeing a 7-11 and a bank on every block tells me that this town is been booming for quite a while now. considering how much cheaper the cost of living here is, i'm assuming starting a business here is so much easier here than in the US.

i delayed my return flight so i will be returning to the us on december 11th.

had a mos burger today for lunch. it was like having yoshinoya beef bowl in burger form. we went to this japanese market that was really cool. they had the largest selection of pocky sticks i've ever seen. they had that and an impressive collection of everything else you'd find in a super market. i'd love a place like that back in the states.

i tried stinky tofu finally, and it definitely was edible this time. i can't say i'm a big fan of it just yet, but it tasted more like the korean fried marinated tofu you can even get at costco these days. the sourness in the koreaqn version comes from vinegar, the sourness of the stinky tofu comes from the fermentation. after that, we went to 2 differnt night markets, and i actually did some shopping. tomorrow, we're going to Dansui with one of cherie's cousins. cherie has never been there either so it should be fun.

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