Wednesday, November 30, 2005


went to go watch harry potter 4 last night. you would think such a simple experience wouldn't be too different from what we're used to in the states. for one, the air conditioner was cranked up to 11. it was about 72 degress outside, but inside the theater as soon as the movie started, i think it was close to 60. it became more about trying to keep my arms warm and less about the movie. i really dig the pop corn here though. they had the choice between salty (buttered), and sweet. the sweet popcorn was pretty much kettle corn without the salt. after the movie ended, they pretty much pulled the projector while the credits were rolling. i guess they forgot that there usually a little extra clip at the end of harry potter movies after the credits. and after the movie was done, the theater attendant came in and said please bring all your garbage out with you. that explains why i sat on a seat full of sugared pop corn when i unfolded my seats and i blindly sat down like i always do. unfortunately i fell asleep during the last part of the movie. i started getting really drowsy during maybe the first quarter of the movie, and i tried my best to stay awake. oh well. can't say the movie was good or bad cause i missed the biggest part of the movie where everything comes together. at least i got to experience the classic date experience with cherie, going to the movies. i want to do as much of that while i'm here.

i think cherie is feeling better. we're gonna have dinner tonight with some of her relatives today.

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