Saturday, December 31, 2005

A summary of 2005

I'm sitting here at the sports bar at the MGM casino in Vegas. I'm updating my blog through my BlackBerry. Yup I love technology. My friends are still playing poker but it seems that I still haven't climed out of my bad luck streak. I'm not here to make money anyways and the relatively small amount that I lose is worth the entertainment value. I'm not afraid to admit it could be my game. I average playing once every 2 months these days rather than daily (when I used to play small stakes through the web or at friends houses once or twice a week) which I was doing last year. Poker has taken a back seat to all of my new hobbies and interests. I still enjoy the game though.

This was a pretty spontaneous trip to Vegas. I didn't make any new years plans. Then ran into a Stan at Sam woo's of all places while shoping at 99 ranch. He said he was on his way to Vegas the next day and invited me to crash at his friend's house. A place I was thinking of going to anyway but had probably would have passed on because the prices of the rooms at Vegas was a little outrageous even at the no name casinos.

Still about 3 hours till the countdown at the strip. It has started to rain here and looking at the rain clouds it could be a lot more than drizzle. Hopefully the fireworks will still happen and i'll be able to experience the chaos I've been told to expect.

So anyways I always reflect on the the past year hoping to take away the lessons I've learned so that the next year could be better than the next.

First, after reading the new year resolutions I made last year, I'm reading through and it looks like it didn't really have the affect that I was looking for. So there won't be a reward for keeping my resolutions. The first one, "get to work on time". We all know how this went. I can't say that punctuality was the highlight of my performance at work this year. Number two. Sleep earlier. Nope. I would give myself a big fat F on this one. 3. Eat healthier. I would give mysled a B on this one. Did prett well. Could have done better. 4. Keep room cleaner. I would give myself a B+ on this one. I did a lot better on keeping everything much cleaner. In my opinion I've been exceptionally clean in the common areas of the house ever since I've moved to Eric's house. My room could use some work. But considering how small my room is now and there isn't much to clean. I also have no choice but to keep it clean so I have walking space. 5. Save money by eating out less. I'll give myself a C on this one. I have been good that I never spend money on fast food or eating out alone, but I have been eating out at work almost everyday for a good portion of the year. 6. Keep on going to the gym 3-5 times a week. I can give myself an A+ on this one. It wasn't easy because there definitely we're some days where all I could think about was skipping on the gym but I made it there 99+% of the times. Definitely worth the A+. Aside from the last one, I can say that the fact that these were resolutions to begin with didn't affect much of anything. So why didn't it work? That is a complex answer that everyone with failed resolutions should think deep abou but I'll admit I'm going to approach resolutions a lot diffently next year and have a lot better understanding of why it didn't work and have a completely different approach for how I can make my life better by improving on these types of things that people call resolutions. All resolutions are are things one can change about them selves to make their lives better, but there is usually no strategy behind it. I'm not going to even call them resolutions. I just know the things I can do to make myself better and focus on changing them. Not really gonna list them like last year. Except the part about sleeping on time and getting up early and being productive in the mornings. I've realized that its the primer of everything anyone wants when it comes to being successful with life in general. I wish I had realized how absolutely important it was than anything I've ever tried to control in my life. That is all I'm going to say about it. Its important enough that I don't even need to make it a resolution. I should just be doing it. Other than that, for everything else, I know what I want and I'm going to be pursueing it by putting in 100%. I don't need it to be a resolution to find a reason to be proactive about it.

As for the analysis of everything I remember for the first half of the year, there isn't too much to mention. I'm sure I had my hobbies. I'm sure a lot of them positively affected my life like all the knowledge and things I've gained by doing the Abs Diet for example. At the start of the second half of the year I had to finally move out of beautiful La Jolla. Counting living on campus, I was lucky to live there for almost 9 years. I drive through sometimes running errands and can't help but appreciate how good the upkeep is, how everything is less than 15 miles away, how short my commute was to work, and how much I miss living there. I moved into Eric's house and although it is in the center of Mira Mesa where it takes at least 10 minutes to get to any major freeway in any direction you go, living there has been nothing but good. Always fun to have new roommates if you get lucky finding good people to live with.

Late August I met up with Cherie after having first met her exactly 2 months before while having some drinks with friends of friends. When everything seemed to click she was unfortunately leaving for Taiwan in a day, but that didn't stop us from getting to know eachother. All I can say is that its been a refreshing experience meeting someone like her. I look forward to getting to know her better by keeping up with daily emails and on my second trip to Taiwan in late Feb.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2006. Let's hope its a great year. For anyone who actually still comes to read my blog, happy new year everybody!

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