Monday, December 12, 2005

Back in the US

Its a place where I can pay $8 for a lunch, and not be satisfied.
A place where people drive over 45mph, and are driving too fast to avoid any crazy people cutting into your lane.
A place where you're used to driving 20 miles for a bite to eat.
A place where just about every theather has stadium seating.
A place that doesn't sell guava, cherrymoya, or passion fruit.
A place where you can walk with your friend and not have 3 people cut you off every 30 seconds.
A place where you have to make your own watermelon juice.
A place where you can use 5 large paper towels to wipe your hands during lunch and throw them into our oversized trash cans.
A place where a cab ride costs you $20 to just get around.
A place where you don't have to worry about dodging scooters on the sidewalk.
A place where you have to leave 7.75-8.25% tax and then tip the waiter 15-18%.
A place where you have room to walk straight on the sidewalk.
A place where Tea Time (aka Afternoon tea) has no meaning.
A place where people care about getting sued so they don't have marble floors on wet ground on the streets.
A place where you can't buy tea boiled eggs at 7-Eleven, but you can find a bottle of Pinesol and a mop there.
A place where you can fall flat on your back onto your matress and not worry about breaking your back.
A place where if something is really stinky, it immediately goes in the garbage.
A place where if you opened up a coffee shop and decided to base your logo off the starbucks logo and be blatant about it, you'd immediately get sued.
A place where fresh means refridgerated and packaged, not bleeding and left exposed out in the open.
A place where all the street signs are lit and have font big enough to read.
A place where the police actually have important roles other than directing traffic.
A place where you don't need a police officer to tell you its ok to go when the light turns green.
A place where if your biggest local competitor moves in next to you, it actually helps business.
A place where you can read all the signs and speak to everyone in English!

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