Tuesday, December 6, 2005

There will definitely be things I'll miss when I leave here

other than the obivous, I really like walking around and just being able to pick up some fresh watermelon juice, or something on a stick for about a dollar. i think part of why everything is so much cheaper here is because they are forced to be so much competitive driving the prices down for the consumers. i don't think most of the street vendors need to worry about a business license. either the police just look the other way, or the police will show up, and all the carts know to just hide away untill they are gone. and also, there probably isn't anything like how you can pay the city money so that similar shops selling similar items (like what starbucks does to coffee shops that want to open close by) can't open next door. in the US, when a bottle of water costs $3, or a hotdog costs $4.50, even though i'm thirsty or hungry, i'll likely pass. When a hotdog and some fresh fruit juice costs $1 on the other hand, its a deal you cannot pass up.

The temperatures here fell really low here all of a sudden yesterday. so we went and got a heater, and some gloves to keep warm. Went to a night market yesterday to eat some stinky tofu that Elena preferred (Cherie likes the one near by where she first stayed at when she got here). This one was less stinky, and the sauce was a lot more spicy. I think i like the less stinky one better. After that, we went to the GongGuan area because cherie wanted a jacket, and we got some red bean soup with black seasame mochi for dessert. today, we went to all you can eat hot pot before Cherie headed off to class.

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