Sunday, December 4, 2005

There must be a better way

it probably has a lot to do with the number of mopeds on the streets but mopeds are required to ride on the crosswalk to get up onto the sidewalk so they can park there. isn't there something really wrong with that? i don't think you can even ride your bicycle on the sidewalks without someone pointing out to you that you can't do that in the US. along with that, there are some crazy drivers here. pretty much, the lines on the road are suggestions. i've been on a bus where the 4 left lanes with buses on each lanes are all making left turns at once, and they just all somehow manage to squeeze into 2 lanes before completing the left turn. oh yeah, the horn is different used differently here. like you are pretty much required to honk if you're passing by someone pulling out or parking, and you want to make sure they know you're coming. yeah, you'd probably piss off a lot of people if you did that all the time in the US.

i've been riding the bus a lot, but yesterday was the first time i was in a car. cherie's cousin jimmy was driving a small light car, so at least i knew a quick evasive maneuver was possible if we needed to. he drove pretty agressive, but also picked up that he was a good driver so i didn't really fear for my life. but it was everything i pretty much imagined it to be. it was kinda fun actually. so we drove to the top of this mountain and got this amazing view of taipei. slightly under us, there was a place called "The Top". It was one of the coolest places I've been to just relax and have some drinks and appetizers. You get a lounge/ottoman type chair and you get the same awesome view of taipei while shipping drinks. unfortunately it started raining. but we got in this canopy, and it was still cool.

cherie has school this week, so i'll have to work around her schedule for the remainder of the trip.

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