Friday, December 16, 2005

A wise decision by the apprentice.

A good number of people boo's when Randal said he should not be hiring Rebecca that night, and my first impression was, "wow, didn't expect that. i thought he'd be more generous." Because that would have not been my gut reaction. Thinking it through, it was absolutely the best decision. Donald put him in a lose/lose situation. He gave him the choice of (A) a tie. He is so much more accomplished academically and in the corporate world, yet, if he says he should hire rebecca, it would pretty much be a tie, and he would be acknowledging that Rebecca is in the same class as him, or that he himself is only as good as a 23 year old journalist. A very accomplished one, but definitely not in the same league. And every time Donald Trump had to introduce the winners of last year's apprentice, he'd always have to acknowledge them both. And that would definitely take the lime light away from Randal, who shouldn't be mistaken that he was the one who actually won. The other choice (B) was to look like a greedy backstabbing bastard. But people who understand business and competition should see that Randal has made the right decision, and if Rebecca would have won, and agrees that Randal should be hired, then it would have been a decision that showed the lack of experience in both competition and business. My impression of Rebecca was never that great anyway. She is definitely one of the most foolishly loyal people I've seen, but she was never more than anyone who can sound compelling by raising her voice when she's put on the spot, and nothing more.

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