Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back on the Abs Diet

So I'm back on the wagon. Or was it off the wagon?

"On the wagon. Don't you think they broke into a couple of those bottles along the way?" - JS

Started on Monday. And actually worked out this morning. Hopefully I can continue to work out every morning at the least while I'm officially on the abs diet. I think the last time I did it, although I lost about 8 lbs, and 2% body fat, I did eat a lot more than I should have. Like I wouldn't measure out the shakes. And I would drink like 50% more than I should have. So doing that twice a day, I'm consuming extra ~300 calories. Its good food but still, its 300 * 7 * 6 extra calories I consumed. And it could have made a difference of 3 lbs in weight lost. That coupled with working out in the mornings, I can only do better.

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