Friday, September 26, 2003

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want." ~Calvin

so i'm back at work now. and as it was expected, i'm back here and it feels like i haven't missed a beat. i've been getting to work around 8:30 which is a change for me. i'm still very not in sync with any kind of a normal sleep schedule. i take 2 long naps daily...anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. then i sleep for about 2-4 hours at night. with the naps, i can't go to sleep any sooner than 3:30. heck, on monday, i just skipped sleeping at night all together because i wanted to get to work on time. i guess if i fell asleep around 4, i would if i had to choice sleep in till about noon. and that wouldn't work. my work has been nice to me where i feel that i owe them big. but then again, if i had to do it again, i would have had all the reason to file worker's comp. next time i'll know better. maybe i need to take a proactive approach. i got some vicodine left, and maybe if i can stick it out without any naps...or at least only one small one, i can try to force myself to fall asleep at 12:00 or so.

i think generally, except my case currently (pain messed up my sleep schedule), the reason we are always fighting that snooze button is that we are always trying to do more than we have time for. and if your question is, "well, what do you do during that time?" my response is nothing the web, watch stuff on tv. what seems like stuff we do to kill time has more worth than most of us assume. if i had endless amount of time, i would like to reserve about 4-6 hours every day to just do stuff like suring the web, watching tv, or stare at the wall even. this is something i don't have time for. sleep is what i should be doing. sleep affects your life in every way possible, and not enough value is placed on that either. if we had 30 hour days maybe, life would be good for me.

so i got my tivo...i now record these programs:

American Idol

Road Rules

Real World

World Poker Tour

World Series of Poker




CSI: Miami



Law & Order: SVU

South Park


Outer Limits (not the original series)

Tales from the Crypt

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Date Patrol

Date Plate

Iron Chef

Tyler's Ultimate

A Cook's Tour

Good Eats

Forensic Files

Medical Detectives

Secrets of Forensic Science

New Detectives: A Case Study in Forensic Science

Cold Case Files

Myth Busters

I love Lucy

so a break down on stuff i watch are:



shows on major networks

alternate reality shows that have ended but i never got to see

self improvement/date shows


forensic science


even though its entirely possible that i'll watch all these shows, the thing about tivo is, its constantly saving whatever channel its tuned to anyway, even if i'm not going to watch it, it will always be tuned to something you'd rather be watching. so again, tivo manages your time better by letting you watch exactly what you want to and you'll never resort to channel surfing.

i also got 2 games through casey, now that he works at a division of Sony, he gets pretty awesome deals. i got socom with the head set, a PS2 network adapter, the getaway, and an extra dual shock controller 2 for an awesome deal. i only played socom just a little bit last night. i got creamed like i do in any FPS game that i'm not familiar with. i think i'm good with the controls, but it takes me a while to learn the maps...just like in real life. the network player will come in handy when gran turismo 4 comes out. oh yeah...can't wait for that. there are also 2 games coming out that is really interesting me. True Crime and Manhunt. True Crime is a game like grand theft auto...but i heard it's a big improvement from it. we'll have to wait and find out. but from GTA fans that have played it, they seem to be really impressed. Manhunt is the next revolutionary game from Rock Star...from the division that brought you Grand Theft Auto. what is interesting is that they are pretty close to the release date on this game but they haven't said anything about what this game is about. an interesting approach. i hope it doesn't disappoint like state of emergency. its kinda like how segway was was a rumor that it was a single human transport that hovered on air. man, it was dissappointing to find out that it had wheels. according to wendy, it looks like for regular consumers, it is turning out to be only a recreational vehicle. speaking of segways:

segway recall

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