Tuesday, September 16, 2003

a few quick updates

i probably won't be putting together a thing to celebrate my recovery. for a few reasons. one being is that the recovery process is slow going and gradual. so it will be really hard to declare when i am fully recovered. i just know that i have a bit of recovery to do. but that doesn't mean i'm still stuck at home. i've been getting out and doing stuff almost every day. i gone to eat out a few times, boba a few times, and just hanging out at friend's houses. i'll probably just take time to see friends semi individually. there will always be next year.

i bought a 80 hour tivo for about $235 shipped (350 - 15% off - 30 coupon - $50 rebate, no tax/free shipping). i figure life is all about maximizing your time on doing what you want to do. with a tivo, i watch all the tv i really want to watch, watch none of the stuff i would just watch because its just being aired and i'm bored, and waste no time watching commercials. even if i end up watching a few hours more of tv per week, i still would have used that time more wisely than watching 3 less hours of tv and having only spent some of that time watching what you really wanted to watch.

i had one of those amazing dreams last night. somehow i was with this gourgeous long haired brunette girl with a perfect tan, my height, with a perfect body. and for some reason, she was naked and i was walking her to her work where she worked as a masseuse. it didn't really progress too much further than that but maybe now that the pain has died down, i can sleep deeper and have these vivid dreams. she was GBD. gold, brown, and delicious. ;)

man, i just realized they didn't card me for alcohol today! damn it! how can they tell? i don't look like i got any older... i bought a bottle of white wine to cook with...gonna stew these large mushrooms i got at costco in red pasta sauce, white wine, basil, bay leaves, and ground beef. was gonna use meatballs, but i didn't want to go to costco to buy them.

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