Friday, October 3, 2003

Jesus won't dump you.

i haven't been up to much....still dealing with a quite a bit of pain at times. mostly at night. walking around seems to be more comfortable...can't seem to sleep without taking just a little bit of vicodin. good thing i still got quite a bit left. i'm not taking much. probably the smallest dosage you can ever take of that stuff.

one of the things that sucked about the injury was that it happened at the favorite half of the year. i love the crispness of spring, and the long days of summer. now, its too damn cold it seems, and the sun goes down way before you have the chance to fully enjoy it. i went walking at torrey pines/blacks beach. i really want to go hiking/walking in that area as much as i can. its a shame i only discovered it just this year. but i hope to enjoy it from now on.

i've been eating a lot of pho and boba this week. my new tivo definitely isn't getting as much use as the one i was borrowing from casey. i think i'm gonna cut out the real forensic science shows. as much as i loved it, i got my fill. its all the same to me now. luminol, blood spatter, DNA, electrogas mass spectrometer. even the MO (method of operation) is all too familiar. people kill other people out of convienience, greed, or pleasure by people who see other people as pawns in their game of life. i've been still trying to keep up with the major shows, CSI, smallville, alias, nip/tuck, dead like me, etc.

not sure what i'm up to this weekend. i do want to do something big...go to vegas or NY....but would that be wise? i need a comfortable place to sleep. who knows, maybe i might just say fuck it, just do it and see how it goes. i'm not in that much pain.

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