Saturday, September 13, 2003

its scary out there

since i've been living in pretty much a plastic bubble in the last 6 months, i've been pretty fortunate to only catch one cold (probably from a doctor's visit). but yesterday, i went to get boba with casey and today i woke up with a mild headache and some sinus irritation. maybe i'm just paranoid but i hope i'm not coming down with anything.

i finished the 2 websites i've been working on:

Active Directory

Exchange 2000 and BlackBerry

as with any new project, i learned a great deal. like how to pull multiple sources of html and its limitations so i can just worry about editing one menu bar, one pull down menu, etc. i learned how to use slices in photoshop, inline frames, how to remove the scroll bar. for example the Exchange 2000 page's real URL is you wouldn't know it unless you look at the URL that doesn't change....and i can even hide that if i wanted to.

going to costco today to get new contacts and contact Rx. i was thinking of getting the laser eye surgery, but i think i'll just do one surgery at a time. plus i heard that you lose some clarity cause of the scar tissue. so i'm gonna have to do some research...maybe in a year or so.

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