Thursday, September 4, 2003

i'm about 3+ weeks into post op, and i'd say things are slowly getting better. noticing some new pain so that's kinda concerning me, and less pain where there used to be pain. but today, i just had no urge to take the vicodine. i'm sure it would have been teensy bit better without it, but i really didn't feel like i needed it at all today which is quite different compared to how i felt every day since and before surgery. i'm still taking neurontin though. i don't think i have been walking around as much as i should be...turns out lying in bed all day just lengthens the recovery time. so i've been trying to get around a little bit. i actually made my first public outing on Sunday...went to Fry's with my dad. i was almost starting to limp while walking back to the car. i guess the pain had a lot to do with it, but i just wanted to get the stuff and get the hell out of there. i didn't regret or enjoy the trip.

on Monday, I actually decided to pick up the medication on my own, and i was able to do it without feeling like i was forcing myself and putting strain on my body when i could have had a friend pick it up for me.

today, i walked to vons, and wow, i guess i haven't used my legs in a while but my legs felt like i had done a few sets of squats at the gym by just walking about 2 blocks back and fourth.

the labor day weekend was okay. everyone pretty much came over for a good hour or two on my birthday. that was cool. my family came over...and to my surprise actually slept over. this was the first time my parents had closed for an entire day along with closing early on a non holiday ever since they owned a business....about 15 years maybe? i enjoyed their visit and all but my dad is so...what's the word inhospitable? well for one, he is a mirror image of homer simpson. he's loud, irrational, a slob, inconsiderate, egotistical reasoning, thinks he knows how to do everything when he actually can't seem to do anything right. the perfect example was when he was over this weekend, my brother poured my dad a glass of coke, and it was about 1/3 coke, 2/3 froth, and he tries to show us how a professional pours cokes into glasses using some kind of a pour trick where the bottle head is inserted into a glass upside down. long story short, he spilled coke everywhere and all of us had a good laugh for a minute or two (even though i was biting my tongue the whole time trying to not laugh because it hurt my back). another my apartment, with the door swung open, he decides to get comfortable and takes off his shirt and hangs around in his boxers. did i mention his physique is of homer as well? on top of my roommate being home this weekend, my apartment's door faces directly opposite of the stairs where everyone coming up to the third floor has a good chance to stare into the apartment while they walk up the stairs. i always thought my dad had a lot of wisdom but i'm not too sure anymore. maybe i just never listened too closely to his arguements when i was growing up, or maybe my dad is going senile, but his arguments are repetitive crap. he was trying to explain how to buy houses to make money and he just kept repeating what he was trying to get across over and over without giving anything more than circular reasoning. has he been like this all the time?

my brother is a loud snorer, but he's got nothing on my dad. according to my brother it sounded so loud that he thought my dad was faking it to wake people up. while he was sleeping, i could hear the snores from the living room to my bedroom. with the door closed. when i first heard it, i first though to my self, " couldn't be." gotta give it to my mom for being able to put up with that. i think i snore from time to time too, but i've been told it's not the type of snore that keeps people from being able to sleep. unless i'm having a hard time breating due to sinus congestion or something at that time. it would be a safe bet to say my mom is a lot like marge. she puts up with unimaginable crap, and does everything i would expect from a perfect mom. its a disrespectful thing to say but i think my mom could have done a lot better. anyways homer has his good qualities too just like my dad. he has sacrificed everything for his family and he's still giving his 100% for his family.

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