Friday, September 19, 2003

russian spam

how in the world did i get signed up for this? can't read a damn word so i what's the use? i have yet to see spanish spam. but russian spam?

met up with eric, travis at sushi ota yesterday. sushi was awesome. pricey but worth it. standing and waiting outside for 15 minutes was killer on my sciatic pain. can't really concentrate on any on going conversations when pain is at that level. after dinner eric and i made a detour to extrodinary deserts. desert was good. chairs kinda sucked. i think by the end of the night i hit my limit on what my body can handle at the moment. i had to take some vicodin eventually to calm it down. it felt pretty good getting out and soaking up some atmosphere and familiar smells. extrodinary deserts seemed like a great date place. but would i enjoy the experience?

i just realized something. one thing i don't like about going on dates is that things like going out to dinner and stuff like that feels so cliche and unoriginal. its just so in contrast of what i would like the other person to think of what i am about. i would like to be more original and creative if i could be. sure i like eating great food. i do want to get to know them better. maybe i'm just too self conscious of myself. and that prevents me from just letting go and having fun. i am 25 and i feel like i have so much to learn about life.

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