Saturday, February 10, 2007

We're looking for a new president.

We have 2 years to go with Bush, and I have never seen so much excitement over the next democratic president. Who will it be? Obama, Gore, or Clinton? They are all very extreme choices in my opinion, but what they represent does spark passion in a lot of voters. Does the republican party even stand a chance?

What Bush lacks the most is the rapport with just about anyone. He pretty much does what he wants to do and really is loud about how much he doesn't care about what others think. Maybe if he made some decisions and could prove that he was right and everyone else was wrong, it would be another story. But it seems like everything he does that goes against the public just seems all result in a big "i told you so" against Bush. And then Bush goes and apologizes to the public. Yeah, announce you are a weak when people already think you are dumb. That'll work out well.

Whatever. I don't care much about politics at the moment. I just hate our president. Hate is a strong word, but its perfectly fitting.

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