Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baseball, tennis, golf, it's all the same swing.

For these 3 games, and I'm sure there are more out there, the main swing of the bat, racket, club is almost identical. You perfect this one swing, and you'll see the other 2 games in a whole new light, and probably look pretty damn good without any experience. Its all about creating a whipping action, and about making contact with the ball at the end of the whip so that the contact is explosive because the inertia of your whole body and the apparatus is all concentrated on that one point during the contact. You'll eventually be able to almost visually see that the energy is at the center of the racquet, the middle of the bat (and no where else), or the face of the gold club. Its interesting that this swing is probably the biggest representation of how well you can play the game where it makes more sense to me that the ability to swing should be a measurement of your potential as an athelete of these games, and the skill of the sport itself depends on your ability to do everything outside of this swing.

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