Saturday, February 10, 2007

PS3 in trouble.

Too expensive to buy even if it had a bunch of exclusive titles and all the tv show and movie publishers went with bluray.
Sony losing ~$300 per system.
Propietary cell processors increases complexity on developing titles for the PS3 (not easily port-able)
Everyone seems to be jumping the bandwagon to produce games for the Wii, whereas some companies has already jumped ship from PS3 development.

PS3 is a few years ahead of its time. Maybe in a few years when more bluray movies are out, everyone owns a 1080p tv, and technology has advanced where production costs of the PS3 has been driven down significantly, it would be a different story.

I did get to experience it this last weekend on a 1080p tv, and the graphics are stunning, and really makes everything else look like old technology. Hopefully Sony can hold out on their gigantic investment so that it'll pay off in a few years. I'm a big PS2 fan. But I'll hold off on the PS3 until it'll make sense to buy one.

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