Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pure Energy

Adding to my post a month ago (Sixth Sense)...Its along the lines of the same energy you can sense when someone is in the room with you, but you cannot see them. Ever notice someone behind you, and without seeing them, or hearing them you knew they were there?

Or you knew that someone was going to call you, and a few seconds later, your phone starts ringing? This doesn't count if you have cingular because often it interferes with speaks near the cell phone. :)

One time in my elementary school, I had the key for some reason to the entrance of the auditorium. And I could save myself a good 5 minutes if I chose to go through the entrance to the back door of the auditorium to go home. I decided to do so. Unfortunately, when I opened the door and started walking to the back door, the entrance door shut behind me. It was almost pitch black except the lining of the door ahead of me. I felt an intoxicating level of an energy of someone or something that was there all around me while I was walking through. It was so thick that I had a hard time breathing. When I finally got to the exit, it got easier to breathe again, like I had just poked my head out of the water, and maybe having escaped potential harm.

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