Tuesday, October 26, 2004

yay! GTA: San Andreas is out today.

I have still been obsessed about improving my photo gallery. It is now formatted to work on a screen at 1154 x 864 resolution. If the user is running a 1024 x 768, hitting F11 on the keyboard should make the page fit nice. the reason for the page having a higher resolution demand than most is that i'm aiming to make this photo gallery gear towards digital photography, not just any gallery page.

I've been adding a lot of features for the viewer and the owner of the gallery (these are transparent). some cool things are that the page now pulls exif data off the jpegs and displays them. so when you view the picture, you can see what camera at what focal length, aparture, shutter speed and iso was used at what time and date. the owner of the gallery only has to upload file (or even whole folders/galleries) and doesn't need to worry about uploading resized pictures since the resizing is done on demand on the server now. i've also worked on the look of the pages somewhat. a lot of behind the scenes stuff to work out the querkyness when you have existing objects or requesting things that have odd characters in the filename. still got a list of things to do, but the heart of it I would say is 85% there.


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